In 2020, Elle L. Lynch, Wild Carrot's creator will plant wildflower meadows in an effort to green and reclaim unused urban spaces. The meadows will become activated community spaces, hosting workshops and Supper Club dinners.


These seasonal dinners celebrate the beauty of each season and ask us to connect with the present moment. Each meal features guest chefs and food entrepreneurs, growers, gardeners, herbalists, artists and activists from Omaha and beyond


Wild Carrot wants to make friends with every cook, green thumb, and aspiring food entrepreneur in Omaha. We want you to present your food and ideas at Supper Club events. We want to collaborate with you on meadow plantings and seasonal dinners. We want to talk about you on our blog. We want to support and promote you and your dreams in ever-growing ways. Working together, WCSC will support and grow the diversity of our local food culture. And with special visits and presentations from food folks further afield Wild Carrot will broaden the current conversation surrounding food and spread the good word - food is culture, community, and powerful medicine.


We celebrate traditions of food and gathering.

We cultivate a connection to nature and work for the greening of our urban environment.

We promote community based development, and establish new relationships and networks. We empower locals. We foster dialogue, neighborhood pride, action and change. We do this through creative, joyful gatherings around delicious food.